Teambuilding – associate members of Saki, the separate and differentiate factors that become a community: concentric, cooperative, and mutually supportive, devoting their talents to the sustainable development of Saki, contributing build strong and prosperous country.

On the 13th anniversary of its founding (August 21, 2003 – August 21, 2016) and the ever-sustained development of Saki Corp, the management decided to organize a vacation for all employees at the branches assembled at the scaffolding factory located at block CN4, Road 1, Song Than 3 Industrial Park.

About 110km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City (equivalent to 2 – 2.5 hours by motorbike), Long Hai Beach is a popular destination for tourists. Long Hai has beautiful beaches with clear blue water, golden sand stretches and resorts near the sea. In particular, Long Hai Sea has many fresh seafood with very cheap price. Binh Chau mineral springs are located on the Long Hai tourist route, which is also an interesting stop for tourists.

Saigon Tourist guide also made some memorabilia before the journey began.

The tour bus queue was numbered in order to serve Saki staff during their vacation. Each member lined up to record a friendly moment with their team.

Before departure time, once again the organizers sent out the feelings and instructed to the team about the procedure or the attention to the smooth play and not miss these memorable moments.

Each row of teams turns to their car to start the journey 2 days and one night at Long Hai beach.


Trip video:


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