House 4.45 × 11.8 – House with new thinking “Less to be more”

The initial condition of the structure is narrow, long, difficult to design ventilation and natural light. However, Architects designed the “small but big” problem of a pipe house by arranging “vertical space”.

Unlike the usual way, the kitchen and dining room are put up on the 1st floor, while the ground floor is used to make the living room more spacious.

But with this solution, the Architect continues to face the problem of how the space on the underside is not isolated. Therefore, the Architects decided to dedicate a part of the area behind the house to the “Less to be more” thinking to make the intermediate floor space communicate to the upper level – the lower floor, and also the light nature, landscape … It is the sacrifice that has earned the right benefits.

Green trees rise up to the dining room floor.

The intersection of cascades and stairs is very unique, with simple nets.

Spacious living room, connected with relaxation floor.

The bedrooms are connected by corridors.

Unlike conventional brick dormers, which are often used for ventilation, architects have used it for bathroom shutters and dressing in the master bedroom.


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